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two-labsDelivering Fresh, Healthy, All Natural Dog and Cat Food Free to your Door

For the last 18 years, the Pet Chef Express family has successfully delivered all natural, highly nutritional dry dog food and cat food that caters to all of nutritional needs of your dog or cat from weaning through all life stages.  The ingredients used in our dog food and cat food formulas have been carefully chosen for:

  1. Their high nutritional content.
  2. Their high nutritional value or nutrient density translating to smaller feeding portions required.
  3. Their natural Vitamin E preservatives.
  4. Their higher digestibility from both nutritional content and nutrient density which means an easier backyard clean up, and fewer tummy aches.

We also offer:

One of the Highest Quality Certifications in the USA. –   We are European Union Certified Food and that means:

  • Meat ingredients are sourced from animals fit for human consumption (human grade). Meats sourced for pet foods in the US, NOT EU Certified, can be of the 4D’s (diseased, dying, disabled, dead.)
  • Knowledge of GM (genetically modified) ingredients. Currently no requirement for human or pet foods in the US requires labeling of GM ingredients.
  • Suppliers of our Pet Food ingredients are inspected and approved by USDA. This requirement does not exist for Pet Foods that are not EU Certified.
  • Additional quality control.

A Great Value and Safe Nutrition –   That is because this dog food and cat food:

  • Is made and packaged here in the USA since 1978 without a recall EVER
  • Has nutritional balance and nutritionally complete
  • Contains no fillers, no dyes, no byproducts, no corn, no wheat, no soy products, no chemical additives, and no artificial colors
  • It comes freshly made and is delivered FREE to your door

All of this comes with our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee for you and your dog or your cat.

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